caught by akismet…

Well, i’m not changing my blog language(yet?;) ), nor showing my English off. I just want to cacth larger attention on what I am about to write. I just want to make sure that gods of code in Akismet understand.

Yeah, I tell you guys… I just become a victim to what is called “False positive” spam detection. Well, that’s not a news, ’cause somebody else out there already being victims, but eventually you got pissed when it happen to you.

This symptom not only happen to me but also to my fellow blogger in my office. My office use single IP Address to connect internet. I guess the address has a problem. Maybe one of staffs doing something illegal or just undeliberately doing it because of infected by some kind of viruses.

I’m not an active blogger, nor active in commenting somebody’s post, but sometime I just need to comment. So please set me free guys… Bring back my happy wonderful online life.

update (14/01/2008):

Mark of Akismet has released me…. Thanks for your quick response….


3 thoughts on “caught by akismet…”

  1. @Hedwig : Tidak ada gejala apapun. Tiba-tiba saja Anda tidak bisa berkomentar di blog orang lain. Pertama saya mengira koneksi internet saya error, tp lama2 curiga juga. Lalu saya pastikan dengan mengirim komentar di blog teman, saya suruh dia mengecek di folder spam akismet, dan benar, komentar saya ditangkap akismet. Bahkan kalau tidak salah, Anda pun tidak dapat berkomentar di blog Anda sendiri kecuali Anda login. Jadi kalau curiga, coba komentar ke blog Anda sendiri dengan nama dan email Anda, tapi tidak login.

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